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I'm Jess. I'm laid back, friendly & pretty easy going.

I'm based in the North West of the UK but love to travel so there's pretty much no limit on where I'll go to shoot a wedding, elopement or any occasion you could possibly dream up. Having a crazy elopement in Vegas? I'm there.  An intimate hillside Italian wedding? Count me in. A rustic barn wedding down the road? Sound fab.

My style is very natural and relaxed. You won't catch me bossing people about and having you do awkward, cheesy poses. 

I'm all about authenticity and realness. I want you to look at your photos and feel the emotion from the day flooding back, the nerves, the excitement, the happy tears, the laughing so hard you can't breath and most importantly, the love.

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I'm really laidback in my approach, which is natural and relaxed. I want to quietly observe & capture what's going on around me. I'm happy to be left to my own devices but will offer some gentle guidance to bring out natural reactions and movements when needed.

There really is no limit as to where or who I'll photograph. I want to shoot couples of every age, every gender, every race and every religion. Love is love.



You're looking for someone to remain unobtrusive and capture your day in the most natural way possible with minimal fuss and tell the story as it happens documentary style, through beautiful photos. You're laid back, relaxed, friendly and just want a bloody lovely, unique day and some beautiful natural photos to match.


Photos are important to me. They last forever and they bring memories to life.  

It's the relaxed, documentary style of photography that I fell in love with & that I love to create. It doesn't matter to me if it's a wedding or elopement, a walk on the beach or a cozy afternoon at home - if I can capture the natural feeling & the beautiful emotions of the people in front of my camera, I'm happy. 



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