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About me

I’m Jess. I live on the Wirral.

Photos are important to me. They last forever and they bring memories to life.  

It's the relaxed, natural style of photography that I fell in love with & that I love to create. It doesn't matter to me if it's a wedding or elopement, a walk on the beach or a cozy afternoon at home - if I can capture the natural feeling & the emotions of the people in front of my camera, I'm happy. 

There really is no limit as to where or who I'll photograph. I want to shoot couples of every age, every gender, every race and every religion. Love is love.

I’m easy going, bit of a geek, very easy to get on with and love having a laugh, even if it’s at my own expense. I have a very addictive personality – I become completely obsessed with things! But literally like, obsessed.

Some of my favourite things include: 

  • Music - my faves: Dorothy, The Black Keys, Band of Skulls, The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys & Kasabian. Obvioulsy Oasis features in there somewhere too.

  • The US Office (and anything Dunder Mifflin related)

  • Live music/gigs.

  • Pizza. And donuts.

  • Dogs and all other animals too really. Especially bears.

  • Snow. Unless I have to drive in it.

  • Lakes. I love a good lake. And I love the sea too and watersports.

  • Rhubarb gin.

  • Writing. I actually have a book published on Amazon! Makes me cringe now though haha.

  • Space and anything spacey. I've seen the Northern Lights twice!

  • Spending hours researching the family tree

  • Tattoos and piercings.

  • Baking. I'm really (really) shit at it though :(

  • Having a bubble bath with a candle lit and chilling out. Usually end up just sitting on my phone for an hour tho lol.

  • Travelling. There is so much Earth I still want to see.

  • Novelty mugs. Cannot get enough of them.

  • Sweets. Mostly astrobelts. I'll happily smash in like £5 worth in one sitting. Sorry teeth.

  • Asos. Just like, not even buying stuff from Asos, but adding things to my basket or “save for later” and just letting in sit there for 6 months.

  • Making lists of things I want to learn - another language/musical instruments/break dancing.