About me

I’m Jess. I live on the Wirral (that bit poking out in the middle of Liverpool & Wales), with my husband Rob and our Aussie Shepherd puppy Barney.

Photos are important to me. They last forever and they bring memories to life.  

It's the relaxed, natural style of photography that I fell in love with & that I love to create. It doesn't matter to me if it's a wedding or elopement, a walk on the beach or a cozy afternoon at home - if I can capture the natural feeling & the beautiful emotions of the people in front of my camera, I'm happy. 

There really is no limit as to where or who I'll photograph. I want to shoot couples of every age, every gender, every race and every religion. Love is love.

I’m easy going, bit of a geek, very easy to get on with and love having a laugh, even if it’s at my own expense. I have a very addictive personality – I become completely obsessed with things! But literally like, obsessed.

Some of my favourite things include: 

  • The US Office (and anything Dunder Mifflin related) 
  • Music - my faves: The Black Keys, Band of Skulls, Nirvana & The Beastie Boys 
  • Dominos (my current record stands at 5 in one week) 
  • Snow 
  • Lakes. I love a good lake. And I love the sea too. 
  • Prosecco of courrrrse and although I don't usually like gin, I really love Edinburgh gin. 
  • Writing. I actually have a book published on Amazon! 
  • Space and anything spacey. I've seen the Northern Lights twice! 
  • Spending hours researching the family tree 
  • Baking. I'm really (really) shit at it though :( 
  • Going out for meals. It's the new going clubbing. Or I'm old.
  • Having a bubble bath with a candle lit and whale noises in the background.
  • Travelling. There is so much Earth I still want to see, check out my bucketlist here
  • Buffet. Oh I love a good spread. Especially if we're talking old school and there's cheese and pineapple on sticks!!! 
  • Novelty mugs. Cannot get enough of them. 
  • Tea and scones with jam and cream 
  • Sweets. Mostly astrobelts. I'll happily smash in like £5 worth in one sitting. Sorry teeth.