About me

I’m Jess. I live on the Wirral (that bit poking out in the middle of Liverpool & Wales), with my husband Rob and our Aussie Shepherd puppy Barney.

I’m easy going, bit of a geek, very easy to get on with and love having a laugh, even if it’s at my own expense. I have a very addictive personality – I become completely obsessed with things! But literally like, obsessed.

Some of my favourite things include: 

  • The US Office (and anything Dunder Mifflin related) 
  • Music - my faves: The Black Keys, Band of Skulls, Nirvana & The Beastie Boys 
  • Dominos (my current record stands at 5 in one week) 
  • Snow 
  • Lakes. I love a good lake. And I love the sea too. 
  • Prosecco of courrrrse and although I don't usually like gin, I really love Edinburgh gin. 
  • Writing. I actually have a book published on Amazon! 
  • Space and anything spacey. I've seen the Northern Lights twice! 
  • Spending hours researching the family tree 
  • Baking. I'm really (really) shit at it though :( 
  • Going out for meals. It's the new going clubbing. Or I'm old.
  • Having a bubble bath with a candle lit and whale noises in the background.
  • Travelling. There is so much Earth I still want to see, check out my bucketlist here
  • Buffet. Oh I love a good spread. Especially if we're talking old school and there's cheese and pineapple on sticks!!! 
  • Novelty mugs. Cannot get enough of them. 
  • Tea and scones with jam and cream 
  • Sweets. Mostly astrobelts. I'll happily smash in like £5 worth in one sitting. Sorry teeth.