Anita & Alex - A Natural Beach Couples Shoot on the Wirral

30th September 2017

Living on the Wirral, I've always lived by the beach & I could never imagine not living close to the sea.  One of the beauty's of living close to lots of beaches is having the best natural backdrops, 5 minutes down the road. 

I met Anita and Alex early one Saturday morning at the Gunsite, which is a lovely, pretty hidden area of New Brighton, Wirral. Not many people actually know it's there either because you get to it via a tiny country lane off quite a busy bypass. 

Anita and Alex have been together for 10 years now and met at Uni. They're both huge film buffs (I think they went to the cinema over 50 times last year alone!!!). Alex loves his music and Anita loves her books.  They embrace geek chicness and I love it.

They're getting really excited for Halloween because they're starting 31 Nights of Horror. Basically, for the whole of October, they're going to watch a horror film every day.  I can't even tell you the last time I watched a horror film because I'm a huge wuss and they just make me cry. They're going to be having nightmares! I mean, the trailers alone to some horror films gave me nightmares. 

We walked through the sand dunes and down on to the beach and these two barely needed any direction at all in front of the camera. These photos are some of my absolute favourites I've ever taken.  So many natural laughs & smiles! <3 

Anita's red hair, Alex's beard, the camouflage & khaki jackets and the pale grey morning sky just looked AWESOME together. 

I'm just waiting for them to get married now so I can shoot their wedding ;-)