Natural, Stylish Documentary Photography

for Cool, Modern COUPLES & fAMILIES

Wirral, Cheshire, North Wales, ThE Lake District & Destination

Holly - Cool, natural photo of bride


I'm Jess - a photographer based on the Wirral in the North West of England covering Cheshire, North Wales, & The Lake District. I have a big passion for travel and so would travel to almost any destination to shoot a wedding!

I love untraditional weddings and those who want to do things a bit differently, in their own way.  I love rustic barn weddings, wild elopements in the mountains and hippy beach weddings. I also LOVE when people have the guts to throw two conflicting looks together and ROCK IT! Like a couple completely covered in tattoos and piercings in a country manor or a big fancy posh do, with gowns and tuxedo's in the woods. 

My favourite photos are the ones that I look at and straight away remember that exact moment. I don't just mean I remember the photo being taken - I remember everything about that single moment in time.   The sounds, the smells, the emotions. Those photos tend to be the natural, documentary style photos - the natural ones I didn't know were being taken;

// the ones that captured what was happening as it's happened //

I want you to look back on the photos I took of you in years to come and *still*have an emotional connection to them.


Photos are important to me. They last forever and they bring memories to life.  

It's the relaxed, documentary style of photography that I fell in love with & that I love to create. It doesn't matter to me if it's a wedding, a walk on the beach or a cozy afternoon at home - if I can capture the natural feeling & the beautiful emotions of the people in front of my camera, I'm happy. 

I'm really laidback in my approach, which is natural and stylish. I want to quietly observe & capture what's going on around me rather than interrupting you guys or your family to set up a pose and boss you about. I'm happy to be left to my own devices whilst giving some gentle direction if needed.

There really is no limit as to where or who I'll photograph. I want to shoot couples and families of every age, every gender, every race and every religion. Love is love.