Style, you say?

Yes, Style. Each photographer has a certain style and it's important you pick a photographer whose style and whole approach matches exactly what you're looking for.  It's no good booking a photographer who shoots documentary style candids if you'd prefer a more traditional approach with a lot of formal group shots. And it's no good booking someone who's style is very light and bright if you're a pair of cool bastards that want your photos to be dark and edgy.  

It's SO important to think about this and don't just look for the photographer who's photos are nice - think about the whole look of the images. The colours, the light, the tones, the mood.

So what is my style?

I describe it as natural before anything else. I want the photos to accurately convey the emotions, the atmosphere and the story of your day as organically as possible and in my opinion, the best way to do that is to keep it natural and shoot what's going on around me as it happens so that what you end up with, is a true documentary of your day told in gorgeous, natural photos. 

When I do step in to guide you a bit, don't worry - I won't have you standing around doing cheesy poses - I'll just give gentle direction and tips to bring out some natural movements and reactions.  

My photos are warm and classic but with a "hip" look too. Not quite alternative, not traditional either; somewhere in it's own little realm.

So whether you're planning a romantic elopement, a quirky un-traditional wedding in the woods or jetting off to the other side of the world, I will always have the same approach (to blend in to your day and provide you with a beautiful gallery full of natural photos telling the story of your wedding/elopement) and same style as described above.