How can I find out about pricing/book you?

Head over to my contact page (or click here) to make an enquiry or email hello@jessicastottphotography.com! I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you offer engagement/pre-wedding shoots?

Of course & I love them. They can be booked for whenever you like (although availability is a bit limited through the summer months but I can always fit you in somewhere!).

How far will you travel?

However far you need me to! My 2 standard packages include travelling expenses to any part of mainland England, Wales and Scotland.  One of my biggest passions is travel so I’m happy to travel almost anywhere on planet Earth to photograph a wedding (two passions combined-yay!), but obviously flight prices change all the time and depend on the time of year so my price for any destination wedding is bespoke. 

There is so much of the World I'm desperate to see - if you're planning a destination wedding in a place that's on my bucket list (which you can read here) - please get in touch because I will happily negotiate to make it work! 


What if something happens and you can’t be there?

In the very unlikely event I cannot get to your wedding/elopement for any reason, I’m part of several communities of photographers both near and far and have a lot of photographer friends who’s style is similar to mine and would be there to take my place and ensure your wedding day is still beautifully captured to the highest standard. In most cases, the stand in photographer would shoot the day and provide me with the images so I can edit them in my style. 

I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance meaning I’m completely covered for everything from injuries to broken equipment.

Speaking of broken equipment, I have back-up cameras & lenses and all the back-up accessories you could imagine so if something happened to one piece of kit (which is very unlikely), it won’t be an issue at all. My camera also holds 2 memory cards so if in the unlikely event something happens to one of them, all the photos I’ve taken are still safely stored on the other.

Do we have to pay a booking fee?

Yes. To ensure your date is secured, I ask for a booking fee which then comes off your final balance, which is due 4 weeks before your wedding day.


We want some formal group shots on our day! Is that okay?

Of course I’m happy to take a selection of specific group shots but they can take a lot of time to set up which then eats in to your day and the time you and your new bride or groom have for your newlywed portraits! I would recommend keeping the formal group shots to about 6 different combinations. Don’t forget, my photography is documentary style and so the more set-up, formal shots there are, the less I can photograph everybody relaxed and enjoying your day (including you guys!). 


What sort of photos will we get? 

As you'll see from my portfolio and blog, my style is relaxed and non-traditional.  I capture your wedding day/elopement and everything going on as it happens and very rarely stop to ask anyone to pose. The only time I will do that is for any group shots you've requested and I will give you some guidance during your newlywed portraits too although I try and keep it as natural as possible. 

In short, what you will receive is a documentary style collection of photos save for a few formal shots, if you've requested them! 


Do we have to sign a contract?

Absolutely. I want you to have total peace of mind so when you pay your booking fee, I will also send you a contract which covers us both on all sorts of eventualities and contains a lot of important information.