Ruth, Steve, James & Annabelle - A Natural Family Photoshoot in Hoylake, Wirral 

30th November 2017

Meet Ruth, Steve, James and Annebelle. An absolutely beautiful little family I met up with recently for a super natural photoshoot on the beach.

We'd originally organised to meet at Royden Park but i'm so glad we changed our minds because the colours and tones on the beach are just divine. It also helps that the 4 of them were so photogenic and full of the lovliest smiles and fun.

We met at Red Rocks in Hoylake where James played with a spade for a while and then we walked all over the place, over the rocks, through the rockpools and on to the sand. It was cold, windy and bit a drizzly but that didn't matter one bit! 

I feel like I say this with every blog post, but these are genuinely some of my favourite photos of all time!  I just love love love them and it was SO hard picking a small selection out of the 200+ in the gallery to showcase and share with everyone.   Each photo is just full of love and gorgeous scenery! 

These types of family shoots are just the best. They so truly capture the essence and personality of the family. You can't go wrong with a few lovely posed photographs but the photos I LOVE, (which you'll know if you've read like, any other part of my website because it's all I bleat on about!) , aaaare the natural ones. Those ones that manage to grab the little inbetween moments, when you might not even realise the camera is on you.