A Beautiful, Cool Late Afternoon Wedding in Liverpool - Ayisha & Dan

Can anyone actually believe we’re having a real summer?! When we had those few nice days in May I thought that would be it but we are being SPOILED & it’s glorious.

A couple of weeks ago, Ayisha & Dan got married.    Thankfully, it had cooled down a bit and with a 4pm ceremony, we missed that blazing midday sun. It’s such a good idea to have a later ceremony in the summer months for that very reason. 

The church ceremony at St Peter’s in Woolton, Liverpool (where Eleanor Rigby is buried!) was BRILLIANT. The vicar is such a character  - he is one of the friendliest, loveliest and quirkiest people I’ve ever met! The service included seal impressions,  a painting of Ayisha and Dan’s cat Gus (which he’d only painted the night before!) and a reading which the vicar had been saving for a wedding involving two dentists which began “Open your mouth… I’m going to fill it”.  Suffice to say the entire congregation were laughing their heads off and full of smiles the whole way through.   

Everyone then made their way to Allerton Manor Golf Club for a chilled out reception. What a fab venue – an intimate space inside and a big veranda out the back so everyone could enjoy their drinks in the sun. I was very impressed.

Also – check out Ayisha & Dans two cakes! Yes that is a literal cheese cake.  As a cheese enthusiast (I have to really limit my cheese intake or I risk a full blown addiction), I was in love with it and given my birthday isn't until next January, my wedding anniversary isn't until November, as is the hubbys birthday, i'm currently desperately trying to think up some sort of excuse to order my own. 

After everyone had chance to chat and congratulate the happy couple, we wandered off in to the grounds for some portraits. The light was beautiful, peeping through the trees and casting interesting lights and shadows.

I was only covering 3 hours for the happy couple (which for a late ceremony is sometimes ideal), and so after capturing the cake cutting and Dan’s rather impromptu yet fantastic speech that had everyone howling & emosh, it was time for me to go and leave everyone to enjoy the live band for the rest of the night!  Ayisha & Dan, you were both SO, so lovely and I had a such a great time photographing your wedding. As did the wonderful Rachel Burt who came along to second shoot.  I hope the rest of your evening carried on as it started and that you had an incredible honeymoon! 

Jess Stott