I went on holiday to Italy

and fell in love. With Italy. Like, I knew I was gonna LOVE it but I loved it sooo much. The food (because of course that's number one), the scenery, the people, the weather, I just loved everything and want to go back (good job I am in December - to Venice WUTWUT).  

I'd wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast for ages but after really looking in to it, and not being able to decide between Positano and Amalfi (and also finding that you get way more for your money with hotels in terms of quality by staying a little further away), we decided to go to Sorrento and found a gorgeous hotel in Piano D' Sorrento.  I like getting away and seeing new places/exploring/taking photos of beautiful views and interesting roads/buildings but Rob likes his hotels so we chose somewhere that would tick both of our boxes.  We stayed at the Nasturo Azzuro hotel and oh shit, if you like your food and want to go to Sorrento - STAY THERE.  It's not IN Sorrento town, it's like, in the mountains but the hotel puts on a free shuttle bus that's really reliable and takes you right in to the town centre.  

So anywho, one of the first things we did was take a cruise over to Capri. We took the hydrofoil and then went on to smaller boat for a 360 tour of the island. It's literally so beautiful - grand, rocky edges and cliffs covered in greenery and coves and caves surrounded by bright blue water. After that, we took the funicular up to Capri town and had a wander around Augustus Gardens, some backstreets and then had dinner before jumping on the boat back over to Sorrento under the moonlight which was dead nice.

We chose not to go over to Capri until about 3 o clock because it apparently gets so busy. By the time we actually got to the town itself, it was like 6 and it was still really busy then so I can't even imagine what it's like early-mid afternoon. If you're going, definitely go later on to avoid the crowds!

We had a couple of pool days before going on our next trip over to the Amalfi Coast. Even though Capri was probably my favourite place out of everywhere, the cruise to Amalfi was my favourite day. There was only 11 of us on the boat and it was so much fun.  It took a good hour and a half to get to Amalfi from Sorrento but it was absolutely fabulous! Sunbathing on the front of the boat and watching the gorgeous coastline sail past us was an unforgettable experience! We stopped off by some private islands for a swim too because even though the water was 100 meters deep, it was crystal clear and actually warmer that the hotel pool! (WHAT!).   

Amalfi is a lovely town but it's extremely busy (as expected) and to be honest, so touristy.  We only had an hour to explore before we had to be back on the boat but apart from bars, restaurants and shops, there ain't much else apart from dem views  - which don't get me wrong, make a visit TOTALLY worth it.  Same goes for Positano, although it's a lot smaller than Amalfi and has more of a quaint feeling. There's so many tiny backstreets and it's so pretty, but again, busy.  On our way back to Sorrento, we stopped off for another swim in shallower, very inviting blue water which was again, warmer than the bloody pool in the hotel!!! The captain of our boat provided snacks and drinks and we all had a laugh in between jumping off the side of the boat. 

The following few days were finished off with a walk to a local vineyard, a night at the opera (we are NOT opera people but meh, when in Rome - or Sorrento for that matter) and watching Suits on Rob's phone in our hotel room (it rained lol).  I miss it SO much. I've even started learning Italian now and very excited for our next visit in December, by which time I plan on being 100% fluent!* I hope to go back next year too because I want to see the rest of Italy. In no particular order - Cinque Terre, Portofino, Lake Como, the Dolomites, Tuscany, Florence and Rome. If you're planning on getting married in Italy, omg you need to email me because I will go back there in a HEARTBEAT!! 

*okay maybe 10% fluent  

Jess Stott